5 Health Trends You Don't Want to Miss Out On

By Bloom Healthy Cooking

We fully believe that wellness is not an elusive concept but a lifestyle. The choices you make every day have a direct impact on your health. So, what do you want to nourish your body with? Enter your “self-care era” with these 5 superfoods that take wholesome living to the next level!

1. Raw Kombucha – A Sparkly Delight

Few foods can pack as much nutrition into a small container as a glass of Kombucha. This tangy, effervescent drink is every health aficionado’s favorite, and no wonder why! Simply put, this is a gut health powerhouse. Raw Kombucha is fermented tea, full of probiotics, and known for its detoxifying and energy-boosting properties.

There’s a reason why so many people swear by it. This ancient fermented elixir boasts a wealth of bioactive compounds and essential vitamins, such as B1, B12, and C. It also has a particularly high antioxidant content, promoting a balanced internal environment and a healthy body!

Ready to get brewing with us? The “Ultimate Guide to Homemade Kombucha” offers a comprehensive overview of this fantastic drink, simple step-by-step instructions, and many insider tips and tricks for getting it right every time.

2. Homemade Yogurt – The Perfect Breakfast

Start your day off right by fueling your gut with loads of calcium, protein, and live bacterial cultures. Homemade yogurt is a near-perfect food that is super easily implemented on everyone’s routine. Top it with fresh fruits, nut butters, and seeds, and you have a bowl of goodness that is not only delicious but also a micronutrient bomb! Your immune and digestive systems will thank you!

Making your own yogurt at home gives you the freedom to use any type of milk you prefer, from skim milk and full-fat cream to dairy-free alternatives such as almond and coconut. You can even experiment with making your own blends! Talk about versatility, huh? But most importantly, it guarantees total control over the ingredients you use, like real fruit and natural sweeteners— leaving out fillers, sugars, and preservatives!

Craft your own batch with the ultimate guide to Homemade Yogurt. It's easier than you think and far more rewarding than store-bought varieties.

woodfire cooked pure soudough organic rye bread

3. Gluten-Free Sourdough – A Carb Lover’s Dream

Imagine a diet-friendly world where your beloved bread need not be forsaken. Whether you’re strictly gluten-free or not, the benefits of making this simple switch are for everyone!

If the reality of baking your own wheat-free loaf at home and having it taste just as satisfying as the “real deal” sounds more like a far-fetched dream, we’ll be more than happy to show you the way!

Tired of energy and mood swings? Say goodbye to the feeling of unease after your morning toast and hop on the wonderful Gluten-Free Sourdough train with us! Discover our Ultimate Guide, filled with expert tips and tricks and loads of delicious recipes.

4. Fermented Vegetables & Fruits – The Probiotic Wonder

Arguably the hottest trend in the health food scene, fermentation is certainly here to stay. But it is also far from a novelty. This is a staple technique that has been widely appreciated by many cultures for centuries. Now, we’re experiencing it on a broader level, with many modern adaptations that are complete game-changers!

Elevate ordinary vegetables and fruits into probiotic-rich superfoods. They're not only good for your gut but also surprisingly tasty and easy to use in many different ways!

You can start your fermentation journey with the ultimate guide to Fermented Vegetables & Fruits and discover a rich world of colorful and tangy deliciousness!

5. Water & Milk Kefir – A Probiotic Galore

Chances are you’ve probably heard of kefir, but for those who haven’t, let us enlighten you.

As one of the most infamous superfoods of modern times, kefir has more than earned its cult following. We’re talking about one of the richest sources of bioactive compounds and good bacteria you can get your hands on!

Taste-wise, kefir is tart and sometimes slightly fizzy due to the fermentation process. The milk variety is similar to yogurt but slightly thinner, making it more suitable for drinking. While Water kefir is entirely dairy-free, grain-free, and vegan-friendly, it may easily be flavored with fruit and carbonated during a second fermentation. Both of them share a sky-high concentration of probiotics and incredible anti-inflammatory properties that can boost your immune system and help it fight several chronic diseases.

What’s more? It’s super easy to make! A small glass a day will do wonders for your health! Ready to start? Access our Water Kefir and Milk Kefir guides and begin your fermentation journey today!

Level up Your Health Game

Be a part of the change and join us in the gut health movement! Let’s take “natural health” to a whole new level and explore all the delicious options of mindful eating!

With these five ascending superfoods, you’ll be on your way in no time. Ready to give your health a trendy boost? Click here to access each ultimate guide and start your journey to a happier, healthier you. Your body deserves the best; these trends are a great place to start.